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Tips for You who want to buy laser projector

Time:2020-03-04 Views:1579
Anti-light curtain entering the home: first measure the elevator space
Laser TVs will be equipped with a 100-inch anti-light hard screen as standard, which is more than 2.2 meters wide and cannot be folded. In some residential areas, the elevator space is very small, and it is difficult to accommodate such a large screen. My friend encountered such a problem.
Anti-light hard curtain for laser TV
Fortunately, it‘s just a screen and it‘s very light. If the floor is not high, it won‘t be very laborious to lift it up directly from the stairs. It is recommended that you measure the elevator space of your home before purchasing the machine. If the space is not large, communicate with the sales staff in advance so that the manufacturer can arrange the movers.
The laser TV adopts the reflective imaging method, and the picture will be projected diagonally above the machine. Therefore, the ordinary TV cabinet is higher for it. Everyone should consider this issue before buying the machine.